Who We Are

We are a family owned print and licensing company with over 30,000 “untethered” images authored / created by our originator (Barry Elz) and managed by Barry & Carolyn’s son, Joshua Elz. On several occasions, Carolyn appears as the subject in our photography and she also styled alongside Barry while creating the majority of these images.

All of our image files are scanned and printed from the original film spanning 1973-1998. In some instances, we have original era silver gel prints and polaroids. Our vintage images have been created in a classic, carefully constructed manner with composition and lighting being the primary artistic objective. The images within these archives represent a great deal of development in photographic technology, and also are an irreplaceable piece of history.


What We Offer

Printing -                                                                                                    

We are offering for the first time, "open edition" digital archival pigment prints on fine art, smooth, matte Hahnemühle paper, printed by Barry. Copyright stamped, signed and dated on the reverse when the image was created. Our "limited editions" are the images particularly chosen by Barry to represent the heart of his creations, they are digital archival pigment prints in a numbered sequence, offered in one size Hahnemühle paper and signed on the front as well as signed and dated on the reverse when the image was created.


Terms of Use and Licensing


Our print offerings are primarily intended for fine art usage at home or office and not for endorsements or advertising. However, if you have a specific purpose in mind other than wall art we will be very clear regarding model/subject releases. Many of the images belong entirely to us including model releases and all prints are accompanied by a descriptive usage document.

Please communicate with us regarding any licensing or usage you may have in mind other than wall art and we can determine through our legal counsel what is possible with any of our images.

At your request, we can also search our extensive film library for images that are not already uploaded to our site here. Many of the individual image files are part of a larger grouping or versioning of a particular photography concept.


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