Open Edition Galleries

                                          Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Matte Paper Print

Our open edition prints represent the image and crop designed by the artist himself. All of our image sizes are referencing the "live printed area dimensions."

Additionally, each purchased image will be printed to match the longest dimension possible. For example, a landscape-oriented image that has been ordered as an 11"H x 14"W will be printed with the horizontal dimensions matching up to 14 inches.

SizeOpen Edition Print - Live Area exact dimensions listed under the image in gallery, up to 11"x14" on 13"x16" paper.


Figurative Galleries

I was exploring the nuances of the human figure with carefully sculpted lighting, attempting to simplify and isolate  design elements.


Fashion/Beauty Galleries

A large part of my career was in fashion photography, colaborating eventually with many world class models in my studios in Chicago and NYC. 


Editorial Galleries

I traveled to Europe several times during the 1970’s especially to Paris, because I was so enamored with their art and I discovered the patience of composing street photography.


 Polaroid Prints

Polaroid was the only technology available (before the digital era), to aid in the development of composition and lighting design for each photographic frame, leading up to the final desired image.


Sports Galleries

Sports and the athletes that play them have always been of great interest to me, working with numerous professional star players allowed fascinating and intense experiences.


Still Life Galleries

I was experimenting with the macro/select focus aspect - large focal lengths with very short f-stops. 

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